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Need Water Treatment advice of any kind?

Come see us before you buy!

Shop Services: "We can come get it…or you can bring it in!"

- Complete Test/Repair Bench Facility.

- motor and pump performance.
- Rebuild or repair most brands and models of pumps and motors.
- Minor motor repairs such as internal switches, seals, bearings and other internal motor parts.

Repair, re-bed, and up-date most brands of Water Treatment Devices including:
Water Softeners

- Iron Filter Automatic Backwashing Filters (Birm, PH Adjusting, Nitrate, etc)

- UV  (Ultra Violet Units)

- RO (Reverse Osmosis Units)
- Repairs to Centrifugal Suction Assemblies (footvalves, all types of suction screens, flexible suction   hose replacement )
- Repair Pump control panels. We can repair your existing panel or build you a new one!


Field Services( Bids – Estimates – Time & Material )

- Well & Pump System Testing

- Well Flow Testing for Bank Financing

- Well Testing for Water Right


- Pump and Well Testing for diagnostic and planning purposes - Well Pump Systems Residential,   Commercial, Agricultural  and Industrial)
- Design and Installations of new water well systems – Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial
- Re-design, up-grades to existing water systems.

(Including low water storage reservoir systems and all types of booster   systems)
- Repairs to all types of existing water systems.



609 N Pacific Hwy

Talent, OR 9754060


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