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The WelcomePages is designed with these needs in mind. It is our mission to

  provide the new resident with information that is useful and the guidance they

    need in order to make these vital decisions. The businesses featured in the

     WelcomePages are "referral based", meaning they are invited to be included    

       in the magazine after having been recommended to us from other residents

        or businesses in the region. We are very particular about the advertisers who

          we approach. Another difference between our participants and just any other

            business out there is that we consider it important that our TOP PICKS are

              locally owned and operated and members of the community. We like to    

                encourage folks to live local and shop local so that your money stays

         in the region and thus the Rogue Valley area can grow and prosper.

Established in the summer of 2012, the WelcomePages was created to answer the many

  questions of new residents moving into the Rogue Valley. Being new to any area, these

   newbies find that they now need to find a new Dentist, Doctor, Insurance Agent, etc. 

      Not only that, but they also find that they are in the midst of setting up a new place to

      call home. Therefore, they now need to locate the best and most reputable businesses 

        for all kinds of household items, such as furniture, appliances, carpeting, draperies    

         and interior decor, just to mention a few categories.

Valuable information about these businesses are featured in the Directory of Services of our magazine and website, allowing consumers easy access to the preferred businesses both in print and online as their location and circumstances change.   

In addition to introducing the new residents to TOP PICK businesses, we also offer a

comprehensive "Things To Do" section in the magazine and online. This fun section is continually growing and changing because the content ​comes from you, our readership.

As you discover and experience an event or spot that you would like to share with others, you can provide this information to us via this website and then possibly your valuable information can be published in future issues of the WelcomePages.

The publishers of the WelcomePages take this mission seriously, so please feel free to

write us via the contact page about how we can improve our publication or our website.

We encourage your feedback and will consider all relevant suggestions. Thank you!

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