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Our facility in Central Point is brand-new with state-of-the-art technology and advances to make your visits as rapid and painless as possible. In fact, Dr. Sanford prides himself on reducing the number of trips you have to make to the dentist for any given procedure.Every detail has been cared for to make your visit as comfortable as possible, from our reclining dental chairs to video monitors where you can see your dental work as it happens or watch your favorite movie to pass the time.

Dr. Ross Sanford's award-winning dental career began in a unique way. Following in his father's footsteps as a second-generation dentist, Dr. Sanford completed his requirements and qualified as a licensed practitioner before his final year of dental school was complete, leaving his classmates in awe.

He has since gone on to practice in four states as a member of half a dozen dental groups and societies. After serving as a member of many regional and state-wide boards, he was nominated for special honors by the Pierre Fauchard Academy International Dental Honor Organization in 2001, where he has remained an advisory member.

After running a successful practice in Nevada for over 25 years, and raising a family of five, Dr. Sanford moved to Oregon with his wife to establish a new, state-of-the-art practice in a community matching his own needs and interests.

Dr. Sanford has been an avid supporter and member of the Boy Scouts of America since his youth, with an attendant interest in the outdoors and the beauty of nature. His personal pastimes include camping, fishing and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

In addition to the many thousands of patients he has helped in his years of private practice, Dr. Sanford's contributions include yearly trips to South America where he lectures at dental clinics and schools and treats underprivileged children.

Dr. Sanford has also continued his education as a dentist, routinely putting in three to four times the required amount of continuing education each year to ensure he is always at the cutting edge of his field and can in turn provide the best possible care to each patient he sees.

He is very pleased to have been welcomed so warmly into the Rouge Valley area, and looks forward to welcoming you to his practice.


Central Point Family Dentistry

Dr. Ross Sanford DDS

1333 Plaza Blvd.

Suite A

Central Point, OR 97502


Monday - Thursday 8-5

Friday By Appointment


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